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directed by Rachel Painter
stage managed by Mike Crosby

When their mother becomes very ill, Claire and Charlie are forced to live with their father's Aunt Ginny. A stray cat named Curiosity also wanders into the house. When she breaks Claire's prized music box, she immediately throws her back out into the streets. Being homeless is an adventure, not a concern, for a cat this curious and cool. Soon, the children set out to rescue Curiosity Cat who is busily trying to help other forlorn felines find homes while simultaneously avoiding the evil cat catcher, Skeevelberger!

by Chris Grabenstein

March  18th-19th, 2016

Show Gallery

Jace Baldassare – Fred
Madelyn Basinger – Curiosity Cat
Malena Bendik – Squirrel
Ken Cooper – Leo/Father
Michelle Eng-Bendik – Mrs. Podger
Ciara Giran – Claire
Brooke Lickenfelt – Coot Cat
Camryn Lickenfelt – Duke

Conor McQueen – Slicker
Madison Pleins – Penelope Podger
Anika Rieper – Aunt Ginny
John Paul Ritchey – Sergeant Schultz Nick Shermeto – Charlie
Tanner Shirey – Tubbs
Scott Walton – Skeevelberger

Curiosity Cat

Lead Strays - Casey Jones, Chloe Kruck

Strays - Amelia Bender, Finnegan Howard, Olivia Laubham, Sarah McQueen, Sabrina Puskar, Callie Shirey, Giuliana Youngo