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written & directed by Rob MacIntyre

stage managed by Bridget Malley


Jim Hawkins believes he is destined to mop the floors of the Admiral Benbow Inn until the day he dies. Listening to the tales of Billy Bones, he dreams of setting sail on the high seas living the life of a scurvy pirate. That dream is realized one night when a woman visits the Inn and delivers an ominous message to Billy. Now Jim, along with his friends  are bound for the location of the greatest treasure in the world, Treasure Island!

The Pirates of Treasure Island

March 21st-22nd, 2014

Cast Photo

Jeremy Bass - Jim Hawkins

Randy Berner - Captain Smollet

Rachel Dillinger - Anne Bonny

Domenic Jungling - Black Dog

Mike Krcil - Israel Hands

John Ploskina - Tom Morgan

Scott Walton - Billy Bones

Kevin Bass - Blind Pew

Mike Crosby - Mr. O'Brian

Dennis Donegan - Long John Silver

Tania Kinsel - Winifred Livesly

Rachel Painter - Ms. Maggie

Frank Serrapere - Dr. Livesley