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directed by Patty Rafferty

stage managed by Adella Hillebrecht

To save money, Jon has been filing tax returns listing the pair as a married. The day of reckoning comes when the IRS informs the "couple" they're going to be investigated. Leslie masquerades as a housewife, aided by Jon's fiancee, Kate. Complicating matters further Leslie and Kate are having an affair behind Jon's back and Jon's mother drops in unexpectedly to meet her son's fiancee.

Love, Sex & the IRS

by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore

March 2nd-4th 2012

Cast Photo

Alyssa Bruno - Kate Dennis

Rick Meneghini - Floyd Spinner

Shannon Riley - Connie

Barry Shirey - Mr. Jansen

Mike Crosby - Jon Trachtman

Rachel Painter - Vivian Trachtman

Dan Shaffer - Lesile Arthur

Scott Walton - Arnold Grunion