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written & directed by Dan Shaffer
stage managed by Mike Crosby

This is a new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's timeless classic "The Little Mermaid". The story of a young mermaid who longs to be part of a world other than her own. She makes a deal with an evil sea witch to trade her fins for legs.. However, this deal comes with a price: her voice. Now, she has to make the prince fall in love with her or she will belong the witch forever.

The Little Mermaid

March 23rd-24th, 2012

Cast Photo

Megan Datsko - Keto

Kyra Heberle - Selene

Tania Kinsel - Nereus

Luba Mintas - Eleanor 

Ricky Stahl - Prince William

King Proteus - John Graham

Katie Hillebrecht - Desponia

Cassidee Knott - Squid

McKenzie Powell - Iris