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directed by Katya Shaffer 
stage managed by Rachel Dillinger & Greta Savage

It's 1934, and Oberon and Puck, have magically materialized on the Warner Bros. Hollywood set of Max Reinhardt's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Instantly smitten by the glitz and glamour of show biz, the two are ushered onto the silver screen. With a little help from a feisty flower, blonde bombshells, movie moguls, and arrogant "asses" are tossed into loopy love triangles with raucous results. 

Shakespeare in Hollywood

by Ken Ludwig

May 4th-6th, 2012

Cast Photo

Justin Aion - Jack Warner

Mike Crosby - Joe Brown/Groucho

John Graham - Will Hayes/Harry Warner

Randy Johnson - Daryl/Sam Warner

Justin Mohr - Dick Powell/Tarzan

Greta Savage - Extra #2

Linda Stayer - Louella

Gabrielle Bricker - Olivia

Amy Duli - Extra #1

Adella Hillebrecht - Puck

Rob MacIntyre - Oberon

Rachel Painter - Lydia

Craig Soich - James Cagney

Scott Walton - Max Reinhardt