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directed by Katya Shaffer

When a hard-hearted toymaker won't sell his magically life-like dolls, which crave the love and fun of children, the dolls and gallant wooden soldiers revolt! They, along with the help of a very special friend, work to find the toymaker a Christmas heart!

The Toys Take Over Christmas

by Patricia Clapp

December 9th-10th, 2011

Cast Photo

Patricia Cortese - Old Woman/Christmas Fairy

Megan Datsko - Sunny

Katie Hillebrecht - Tina

Rob MacIntyre - The Toymaker

McKenzie Powell - Nina

Mike Crosby - Soldier #1

Adella Hillebrecht - Colette

Tania Kinsel - Soldier #2

Nate Newell - Santa Claus

Dan Shaffer - Captain